Rubber bands with braces: The ideal combination for a perfect smile


Rubber bands with braces can help correct bite complications. They are used to provide extra support. It’s incredible how such a simple tool can make a big difference in achieving a flawless smile!

They are required elements since they contribute to achieving the main objective of the treatment: helping you show off a perfect smile!

Let’s know, rubber bands with braces

Some people undergoing orthodontic treatment use rubber bands with braces. These are required since, without them, it is impossible to exert force to move the teeth and shape some patients’ smiles.

They are considered auxiliary elements of great importance in orthodontic works. That’s why they are used in those who are undergoing fixed treatment, lingual, or even invisible treatment.

Kinds of rubber bands with braces

They are made from flexible materials such as latex or silicone. Depending on their function, they can be classified as union ligatures or intermaxillary elastic bands.

Union ligatures

Bonding ligatures are round-shaped elastics that are used to provide support to the arch or wire that is attached to the brackets. They are pretty small and come in different colors. If you continue or are about to start orthodontic treatment, you have the possibility of choosing the color of ligatures you prefer.

Ligatures or intermaxillary elastic bands

These are instruments that are utilized for the purpose of adjusting the position of the jaw, but this is only done if the patient’s specific condition necessitates it.

Rubber bands in braces are just one of the many tools and techniques that orthodontists can use to help patients achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. The tension produced between them is what allows bite problems to be corrected.

Do they hurt?

Many of those interested in starting treatment habitually wonder if it hurts to use elastic bands with braces. It must be recognized that the use of elastics can cause discomfort in their settlement. The symptoms could even last for a couple of days. However, as time passes, the pain disappears.


How long should I use rubber bands with braces?

Bonding ligatures are used throughout orthodontic treatment. Remember that they are the ones that provide support to the wire and exert the force to promote tooth movement.

On the other hand, intermaxillary elastics are usually used during the last phases of the treatment. In any case, the specialist will be in charge of determining the amount of time you should use it.

Can I eat with intermaxillary elastics?

No. To ingest any solid, it is advisable to remove the gums. Otherwise, the eating process may be complicated. It is also possible that when opening and closing the jaw, so much pressure is exerted that one of the brackets ends up coming off.

Rubber bands with braces -Recommendations

They play a vital role in orthodontics. Therefore, it is vital to maintain the necessary care so that they can fulfill their function effectively. Take into account the following recommendations if you are undergoing orthodontic dealing.

Maintain oral hygiene

Elastic bands are elements that promote the arrival of bacterial plaque. Hence, it is indispensable to deliver adequate cleaning to each area. Make sure you clean the surrounding areas efficiently. To do this, help yourself with an orthodontic brush whose shape allows it to reach the most difficult places.

When using appliances, the ideal is to brush after each meal. After all, food debris can get trapped in each of the pieces that make it up. Clean your teeth regularly to prevent the appearance of tartar.

Go to the specialist in case any rubber breaks

Although the materials used to make these items are both flexible and strong, it is not uncommon for them to break or become damaged over time. If this occurs, it is essential to seek the assistance of a specialist who can provide a replacement.

It will ensure that your item remains functional and safe to use. It is crucial to note that attempting to repair or replace the item yourself can lead to further damage or injury, so it is best to leave it to the experts.

Change the intermaxillary rubber bands regularly

The specialist will give you directions to use the intermaxillary bands. If you notice that the elastic has stretched, it is best to change them. Generally, the doctor will give you several of them so that you can replace them without problems.

Purchase tires only from certified places

Orthodontic elastic bands should only be purchased from centers specialized in oral health. It is usual for your specialist to have all the materials and provide them to you.

Keep in mind that to properly start orthodontic treatment, it is best to go to a specialist. Leave the care of your dental health in the hands of true professionals! Visit our centers for more information.


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