Root Canal Specialists

At Dental Rubio Group, we are root canal specialists, a complex and operative dental dealing to save the tooth. It consists of a series of actions like cleaning, sanitizing, and sealing damaged dental canals.

We perform this technique to save teeth that have deep lesions or pulp necrosis. In this way, we avoid removal. We have a team of highly trained root canal specialists. We master the most advanced techniques and have the best technology to offer you the finest service.



Root canal specialists: step by step

The dealing is executed under local anesthesia for greater patient comfort. In one or several sessions, we work inside the root canal to clean, shape, and seal it completely with biocompatible materials.

  1. Review and prior evaluation of the case to define the scope of the treatment. At this point, there should be a lot of communication with the patient.
  2. Preparation of the operating field and application of local anesthesia to numb the area to be treated.
  3. Access to the pulp chamber and root canals through the opening of the tooth.
  4. Cleaning and shaping the canals with rotating instruments and abundant irrigation to eliminate damaged tissue and bacteria.
  5. Three-dimensional obturation of the canals with gutta-percha and biocompatible sealants.
  6. Coronal sealing of the tooth with a definitive dental restoration.

The entire procedure complies with rigorous biosafety protocols, with sterilized instruments, and under constant visualization by operating microscope and digital x-rays.


We have the latest in technology

Root canal specialists use cutting-edge technology, such as operating microscopes, electronic apex locators, and dental units with the latest digital radiographic imaging. All this for a more precise, effective, and comfortable treatment.

Our operating microscopes allow root canal specialists an amplified view of the root canal. It makes it easier to work with maximum detail in areas that are very difficult to access. Thanks to a powerful light source and high-quality lenses, we can visualize previously inaccessible areas. It results in more thorough cleaning and shaping of the ducts.

Likewise, the use of electronic apex locators is critical during the procedure. This advanced technology tells us with complete precision when we have reached the root vertex, allowing us an exact three-dimensional seal. With this, we significantly reduce the chances of bacterial filtration and treatment failure.

On the other hand, our root canal specialists have modern digital radiology equipment that emits less radiation than conventional ones. In addition, they allow us to view high-quality images during the treatment for more detailed monitoring. As root canal experts, we have raised the standards of our root canal treatments.

Vital and functional teeth

Preserve damaged teeth with high-quality root canals and keep them vital and functional long-term. It avoids more invasive actions or extraction. Recover your teeth with the specialists.

When done correctly, a root canal can last the life of the tooth. The tooth is protected from new bacterial leaks by eliminating the root infection and completely sealing the canals. It relieves pain, stops contamination, and saves the piece. In this way, its extraction is avoided.

Likewise, by protecting dental integrity with quality endodontics and appropriate restorations, we avoid more invasive and expensive procedures. Among them, we can name extractions, implants, or complex surgeries. In this way, keeping our natural teeth functioning for life is possible.

Your teeth are invaluable. Don’t put their health at risk. Go to the root canal specialists at Grupo Dental Rubio. With our advanced endodontic techniques, you will recover the vitality and functionality of your teeth for a long time. Schedule your consultation now!

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