All 4 Dental Implants

At Grupo Dental Rubio, we strive to offer our patients high-quality services that help them improve their lives. One of them is the placement of all 4 dental implants. With this procedure, you will not only be able to display a perfect smile, but you will also significantly optimize your oral and comprehensive health.

This procedure is carried out by expert professionals in dental implantology in a safe and friendly manner. The central premise is that patients feel comfortable and comfortable while the implants are placed and at the end of the process.  


All 4 dental implants: what do you need to know?

All-on-four dental implants, also called immediate loading, are a specific technique in dental implantology. It is distinguished because the entire prosthesis is supported only by four dental implants.

The greatest virtue that this surgical procedure offers is that it allows patients to place a complete prosthesis in the mouth in a single session. It is worth highlighting that this surgery is ideal for those who already have removable prostheses or those who have irrecoverable teeth.

Of course, before surgery, people must undergo a rigorous evaluation by a professional specializing in implantology. Among the factors to be considered, the patient’s age, health conditions, and daily life stand out.

Main advantages

This dental procedure offers the advantages of traditional implants plus other additional benefits. Among the latter, the following stand out:

  • It allows you to rehabilitate your smile completely.
  • The time to perform the procedure is significantly reduced.
  • It is ideal for those who want to avoid using removable prostheses.
  • With this procedure, it is possible to preserve the patients’ soft tissues.
  • Recovery is much faster, easier, and more comfortable for the patient.
  • It allows immediate loading and dental prostheses to be carried out on the same day.
  • This dental surgical procedure is much more economical than other treatments to restore your smile.
  • It immediately allows the recovery of essential functions such as chewing and orality.

In summary, with this technique, patients can obtain an aesthetically and functionally perfect smile in a single day. Of course, besides the benefits already mentioned, this strongly and positively impacts people’s self-esteem.

Care after the placement of all 4 dental implants

It should be noted that for the desired results, patients who undergo this procedure must strictly follow some recommendations. In this order of ideas, after the placement of all 4 dental implants, the following care must be taken:

  • You should not rinse your mouth or spit within 24 hours after the process. In this way, healing is promoted, and the formation of clots or bleeding production is avoided.
  • Cold can be applied to the area to avoid irritation or inflammation.
  • Depending on the case, taking anti-inflammatories or analgesics may be recommended.
  • After 48 hours, a spray with chlorhexidine may be recommended.
  • For brushing, it is advisable to use a surgical or soft type.
  • Follow a soft diet for at least four weeks.
  • Do not make physical efforts for at least a month after the process.
  • Perform adequate oral hygiene.

Of course, besides the care mentioned above, it is also advisable to avoid tobacco consumption, reduce alcohol intake, and lead a balanced and healthy life. In this way, all four dental implants will give the expected results, and patients can show off a splendid smile.

Contact us, at Grupo Dental Rubio, we strive to offer our patients high-quality services that improve their lives. With all 4 dental implants, you will not only be able to display a perfect smile, but you will also significantly optimize your oral health.

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