Full Mouth Restoration

Nowadays, having an aesthetic smile is often part of full mouth restoration. It significantly impacts people’s lives and presence in their jobs or different environments. That is why dental surgery comes into play: to resolve problems or damages suffered.

In other cases, beyond solving a problem, it is an issue of trust and security. Many people do interventions of this type to feel better and look better when they smile. Likewise, dental health is vital, and that is why you must go to the right experts.



What is full mouth restoration all about?

Full mouth restoration, or TTFA, is a whole and unique process. Within this procedure, generally, the restoration of all teeth with dental implants is worked on. This is done in a single session and ultimately helps fix all your teeth and smile.

Those who decide to have this type of intervention will have to face 4 hours of treatment. The patient will be asleep, and that is when the specialist makes each of the changes for new parts. Once finished, you will have a more defined smile and teeth in perfect condition, well-adjusted.

What kind of benefits does the procedure offer?

There are multiple benefits that full mouth restoration can offer a patient. So that you can see it more clearly and that it is not only about aesthetic benefits, here we mention some:

  • The change in your mouth will be immediate. You will not have to wait days or months to see the results. This procedure allows you to see the difference with your new teeth from day one.
  • It is not an invasive technique; the expert will ensure it is a simple, painless procedure.
  • The implants will be there immediately; it will not be necessary to wait to see what shape they have or what they look like.
  • Its treatment is definitive; at the end of the procedure, you move on to recovery, and the aesthetics of your smile are recovered.

Without a doubt, it is a procedure that will allow you to have a natural appearance with your new teeth. So, you have to take the first step to complete this process.


What types of care must be taken into account?

Once you come out of this process and have been cleared by the specialist, it is recovery time. For this, it is crucial to take into account the following points so that you can get well quickly:

  • Recovery can take up to 6 months in some cases.
  • Gauze should be changed every 30 minutes on the first day.
  • Soft foods should be eaten within 48 hours after the procedure.
  • Rest and avoid activities that exceed the patient’s effort.
  • You should not smoke.

Considering these aspects, the patient can recover quickly until returning to his natural state. On the other hand, complications that could affect the patient are avoided during this process.

Turn to the professionals for full mouth restoration

It is no secret that full mouth restoration in the United States is expensive. At Dental Rubio Group, it is usually a lower-cost procedure but maintains the same quality. The experts can assist you and help you with the entire transfer process and other available services.


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