List of dentists in Los Algodones, Mexico: Find your ideal expert!


You can find a long list of dentists in Los Algodones, Mexico. However, not all are considered “the ideal” since the type of dentist they need will depend on each patient.

Even so, at Dental Rubio, we work to find the right doctors for each patient. For that reason, below, we will show you the updated list of our staff. We are hoping that your ideal is among us.

Get to know the list of dentists in Los Algodones, Mexico: find your ideal expert

We currently have three prestigious dental doctors who graduate from significant universities and have doctorates in various dental fields. Please get to know our list of dentists in Los Algodones and discover your ideal option.

1.  Dr. Carlos Rubio

Beginning with Doctor Carlos Rubio. He is a prestigious dentist with more than 30 years of experience in the field of dentistry. Dr. Rubio graduated from the Autonomous University of Cd. Juárez (U.A.C.J), in 1983. It should be noted that throughout his career, he has been recognized as

  • Academic advisor at the Mexican Association of Oral Implantology A. C.
  • Academic Director at the Nucleus of Advanced Education in Los Algodones BC and Cd. Juárez, Ch., Mexico.

He has also been called a visiting teacher at various universities and dental specialties. Regarding his faculties, besides his experience, he has been called the best in the field of oral implantology.

Awards and honors

Being a doctor of excellence, Dr. Rubio has been lucky to receive awards and recognition for his services. He currently has

  • An Excellence in Oral Implantology award from the Mexican Association of Oral Implantology A.C. (2011).
  • A Medal of Professional Merit awarded by the Ibero-Latin American Dental Federation in 2015.

He also holds various certifications (GRADE III DIPLOMATE, GRADE II MASTER, and GRADE I FELLOW in Oral Implantology). All granted by the Mexican College of Oral and Maxillofacial Implantology A.C.

Lastly, Dr. Rubio has received advanced training directly from the United States. Simply put, he is a highly trained dentist of our list of dentists in Los Algodones.

2.  Dr. César Monarrez

Dr. César Monarrez is another of the highly qualified dentists belonging to Dental Rubio. He obtained his degree from the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS) in 1996. It should be noted that since then, Dr. Monarrez has been training in periodontics and oral implantology.

On the other hand, like Dr. Rubio, Dr. Monarrez has participated as an official member of various organizations. Between them

  • The International Congress of Oral Implantology.
  • The Mexican Association of Periodontics.
  • The Mexican Association of Oral Implantology.

In addition, he is known as a great national speaker, one who has imparted his knowledge to other professionals since 2005.

3.  Dr. Ernesto Montoya

He was also known as a dental henchman. Dr. Montoya stands out for being one of the professionals providing the best patient care. In addition, Ernesto always strives to learn new dental techniques and improve his skills and knowledge.

Although he currently does not have awards that praise his knowledge, Dr. Montoya is one of the active members within

  • The International Congress of Oral Implantology (ICOI).
  • The Mexican Dental Association (ADM).
  • The Mexican Association of Oral Implantology (AMIB).

He also has excellent experience and commitment, so his patients have always considered him an almost perfect doctor.


Could your ideal expert be on the list of dentists in Los Algodones?

With experts whose experience spans more than 35 years of work, the doctors at Dental Rubio are the ideal ones. As a result, the medical center is rated 4 out of 5 stars. In addition, each of his patients has left testimony, assuring that the treatment is almost perfect. As for the “ideal dentist,” it will depend on the type of treatment you want.

  • CXImplants
  • Crowns and Bridges
  • Endodontics
  • Dentures
  • Veneers
  • Extraction of teeth

This was our list of dentists in Los Algodones: Dr. Montoya, Dr. Rubio, and Dr. Monarrez can help you. So do not think about it and contact them.

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