Color in braces: express your personality through your smile


Color in braces is a way to express identity, style, and emotions. This is because the teeth are very visible and the color of the brackets gives liveliness to their elements. The playfulness and originality of the colors represent a plus in the corrective processes of your teeth.

Colorful braces are an economical and effective alternative to give better aesthetics to your oral health care. Therefore, at Grupo Dental Rubio we address this topic because we seek to help you have a perfect smile and more.

Correct your teeth with attitude by putting color in braces

Putting color in braces adds fun to that first corrective line of the process to perfect your teeth. Thus, when searching for the teeth you want, you will maintain the good style and attitude that the shades provide.

  • Personality and creativity. Add a plus to the corrective elements by choosing the colors that best represent you or that you like the most.
  • Fun look. Give variable options so you can match the colors to your clothes, makeup, or mood.
  • Good attitude. Transmit security and attractiveness with your smile, improving your self-esteem and your image.

In short, the use of color in braces makes a notable difference to those who decide on them. It is a way to express joy and joviality through this dental process that seeks to improve our oral health.

Considerations when choosing color in braces

Like everything, there are considerations for selecting color in braces and styling your orthodontic process with style. When choosing shades of these corrective elements, you should evaluate:

  • Skin tone. Choose colors that match your skin tone and flatter you. For example, for dark skin, you can opt for gold, violet, or navy blue. For fair skin, cool colors are best, such as sky blue, silver, light pink, or lilac.
  • Tooth color. It is advisable to use colors to create contrast with your teeth and tone their color. For typical yellowing of teeth, dark tones will make your teeth appear whiter. Orange or yellow colors do not contrast and can accentuate the yellowness of your teeth. Avoid white because it makes your teeth look duller and discolored over time. If you want something more discreet, you can opt for transparency.
  • Mood, tastes, and celebrations. Given the ease of changing color, you can vary shades as you want. Make a change of tone from time to time according to your mood, clothing, makeup, or preferred equipment. The holidays can be a themed elective guide, such as green and red at Christmas.

Color braces are a fun and original option to correct your dental problems and show off a unique smile. If you want to know more about this, you can consult the team of professionals at Grupo Dental Rubio. They will offer you a personalized and quality service.


Care to preserve colors in braces

Maintaining color in braces requires the following basic care such as:

  • Attention to diet. Foods that leave stains on your teeth should be avoided, such as coffee, tea, wine, chocolate, or sauces. You should also avoid hard or sticky foods, such as apples, gum, or candy, which can damage or loosen the braces.
  • Oral hygiene. It is essential to brush your teeth and braces after eating or drinking something. It is recommended to use an interdental brush to clean between the brackets and dental floss to remove food debris. You can also use a dental irrigator to rinse with high-pressure water and remove plaque.
  • No Smoking. Tobacco stains all the structures of the mouth yellow or brown, including the components of the brackets. In addition, smoking negatively affects oral health and can cause periodontal diseases.
  • Visit the dentist regularly. It is important to go to appointments with the dentist to check the condition of the braces. You should also have a professional cleaning every six months to remove tartar and maintain good oral health.

The process of using braces, before and during, requires proper maintenance. This derives from a quality care service such as that provided by the Rubio Dental Group team, with proven comprehensiveness.

Come with confidence to the services of the Rubio Dental Group!

If you are looking to use color in braces, do not hesitate to use the services of Grupo Dental Rubio in Los Algodones. It is a place where a highly professional team will advise and assist you comprehensively.

Give that fun and unique touch to your dental correction process and use unique and special braces. Start adding color to your teeth and see for yourself the added value it adds to your image in general.

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