Wisdom tooth removal in Mexico: Save on costs without sacrificing quality!


Do you want to have a wisdom tooth removal in Mexico? Are you worried about the cost and quality of dental service? If so, don’t worry. At Dental Rubio, you can enjoy this surgical procedure with complete peace of mind and safety.

Do you want to know more about this dental service? So, you can’t stop reading this new post.

Wisdom tooth removal in Mexico

In this nation is a safe and highly demanded surgical dental procedure. However, this surgery is often very scary for patients. For this reason, here at our Algodones clinic, we strive to provide you with the best possible experience.

The first thing you should know is what are the wisdom teeth. They are those that usually come out of the gums approximately between 17 and 23 years of age. You can easily recognize them because they are the last big molars that are located in the back of your mouth.

The Process of wisdom tooth removal in Mexico

The surgical procedure for extracting these molars depends on how impacted they are. In this order of ideas, many times, the process is precisely the same as that of any other grinding wheel. Only the patient is anesthetized, and with forceps, the piece is moved from one side to the other until it is possible to extract it completely.

However, there are cases in which the procedure becomes a bit more complex. The surgeon may have to cut through the gums when the extraction is more complicated. He may even need to remove some jawbone to pull out the tooth and do some stitches.

At best, that dental procedure will take no more than a few minutes. However, if the surgery is more difficult, it may take half an hour or longer. It is worth noting that in many cases, these molars do not present any complications, and their extraction is not warranted.


Causes that determine the extraction of wisdom tooth removal in Mexico

In general terms, wisdom teeth need to be extracted when they do not have enough space inside the mouth to emerge. In the same way, they also deserve their extraction if, despite having emerged, they cannot develop normally. These types of dental pieces are often called retained teeth.

In addition to what has already been indicated, these teeth must be removed in the following cases:

  • If the patient is in a lot of pain.
  • In case of infection or periodontal disease.
  • If a wisdom tooth has cavities.

Finally, removing these teeth will also be necessary if bone damage or complications is arising from orthodontic treatment.

Post-extraction care

After wisdom tooth removal in mexico, it is necessary to follow particular basic care to avoid inconveniences and subsequent complications. Among them are the ones mentioned below:

  • The gauze usually placed on the extraction area should remain there for 30 minutes after surgery.
  • During the next 24 hours after surgery, it is necessary to avoid rinsing the area to prevent the detachment of the blood clot that forms in the alveolar area.
  • It is best to rest on the day of surgery.
  • Follow a soft diet the first few days after the surgical procedure.
  • Very hot liquids and foods should be avoided. Similarly, alcoholic beverages should be suppressed the days after surgery.

In addition, you will most likely need to take pain relievers to control pain and antibiotics to prevent infection after wisdom tooth removal in Mexico. In any case, at our Algodones dental clinic, we will give you precise post-surgery instructions. In the same way, we will do the necessary follow-up so that you have the best possible recovery.

Dental Rubio Group makes it easier for wisdom tooth removal in Mexico

At Dental Rubio Group, we have the best professional team to make extracting wisdom teeth a safe process. At our Algodones clinic, this surgical procedure is much cheaper than in other places and countries in North America. In addition, the dental service is of a superior quality.

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