Unbeatable prices! Discover the costs of root canals and crowns in Mexico


In the dental area, the costs of root canals and crowns in Mexico are surprising compared to the rest of North America. These are the most attractive in that part of the American continent. Such a reality causes many to cross their borders to obtain the dental treatment they deserve.

We have an example of this in many Americans and Canadians. Thus, for them, Mexico represents the opportunity to keep their teeth properly cared for and in good condition. Everything, because the derived price is much lower than in their countries of origin.

More and more people go to their specialized clinics for this purpose. And among the most popular is Grupo Dental Rubio in Calz, Saratoga. Through state-of-the-art technology and its team of professionals, it becomes the hope of those who seek to preserve their smiles.

Comparison of costs of root canals and crown between Mexico and USA

Comparing the costs of root canals and crowns in Mexico and the USA requires considering the patient’s particularities. And each detail affects the closing price of the service provided.

However, in general terms, the average prices managed within the market establish notable differences between both countries. Therefore, taking its costs as a reference since the end of 2022, we have:

  • Premolar endodontics. In the USA, approximately $1,200, while in Mexico, it is $310.
  • Molar endodontics. In the USA, it is around $1,500, and in Mexico around $360.
  • Simple tooth extraction. In the USA it costs approximately $300 and in Mexico $110.
  • Deep dental cleaning per quadrant. In the USA it is around $250 and in Mexico $100.
  • Simple dental implant. In the USA, $2,790, and in Mexico, $750.
  • Implant with abutment and crown. In the USA, $4,930, and in Mexico $1,220.

As you can see, the difference is remarkable. This ranges from 25% to 76%, depending on how much each patient requires. But, in any case, this simple comparative act illustrates prices between countries regarding their dental services.

What is endodontics, and when is it required?

To establish the costs of root canals and crowns, it is essential to know each procedure separately. Thus, as far as endodontics is concerned, this is known as Root Canal Therapy.

We are discussing a comprehensive treatment of the tooth’s nerve, blood vessels, and connective tissue to avoid its extraction. This heals the so-called apical periodontitis, the causes of which can be various, as well as provides the following benefits:

  • It avoids dental extraction. In addition, healing the affected tooth helps to maintain its functionality and dental aesthetics.
  • It breaks for infection. Prevents the spread of disease in the affected dental piece.
  • Restoration of the functionality of the tooth. Specific techniques allow the repaired piece to contribute to your daily chewing.
  • It relieves derived pain. When applied to teeth with pain, the causes of it disappear.

Regarding the procedure, this lies in extracting the infected or inflamed dental pulp. Then the inside of the affected tooth is cleaned, filling it with a synthetic material. At the same time, the canals are filled with endodontic materials.

Importance of the dental crown and its implications

What is known as a crown in dentistry is nothing more than the visible portion of the teeth. The dental enamel covers it and can be fully or partially restored. It always affects the costs of root canals and crowns, and among the exceptional cases of its use are:

  • Replacement of large fillings when there is not enough tooth left.
  • To avoid fractures in the tooth with weakness.
  • Restoration of fractured teeth.
  • Facilitation of placing bridges in empty spaces of the denture.
  • To allow to cover dental implants.
  • It can be placed over discolored and misshapen teeth.
  • It can cover teeth that have undergone root canal treatment.

In its installation, the specialist reduces the size of the tooth, where it will be placed to fit perfectly. Then, it is subjected to an impression whose data will be managed by the manufacturing technician. Finally, when the final crown reaches the hands of the dentist, he covers the piece with a temporary crown.

Rubio Dental Group in Calz (Saratoga, Mexico)

When estimating root canals and the costs of root canals and crowns, it is very convenient to evaluate the matter considering the care to receive. It would only be helpful to find low prices in this regard if the work lasts. For example, this is due to malpractice or inappropriate materials.


In this sense, our balance in the Rubio Dental Group in Mexico is worth noting. Here we provide services at affordable prices in the market and under the highest quality standards. Among our strengths are the following:

  • Careful attention. Our staff will adequately and kindly address your concerns and requests.
  • Safe, private transportation. Facilitates the transfer of people from the USA through safe transport from the border to their respective facilities and vice versa.
  • State-of-the-art technology. Technology in the dental area also counts in the process. Here we have the most advanced to provide our patients with the best possible results.

In this sense, the CEREC system allows you to create your dental pieces in a single consultation. This way, you will only have to go to repeated consultations once you achieve healthy and shiny teeth again.

With a professional trajectory of 35 years, we are among the five best dental clinics out of the 400 existing ones. Moreover, 90% of our patients come from the USA and Canada, demonstrating our prestige.

Therefore, when you need to establish endodontic costs and high-quality ceramic crowns or bridges, contact us to help you. We guarantee adequate care to recover the full functionality of your teeth, also under exceptional aesthetic and economic parameters.

Tips for choosing the right dental clinic in Mexico

So, when you need to search among dental clinics for the best root canal or crown costs, you should not only try to save money. Well, other aspects also count that will guarantee your integrity, both monetary and oral. Therefore, when looking for a care center in the area, consider the following:

  • Professional training of those who will treat you. Ensure the specialist and his work team have the proper academic preparation that accredits their functions.
  • Treatments. Put yourself in the hands of true experts who can guide you, previously, on the treatment to follow.
  • Variety of specialties. The best thing is that the dental center has as many specialists related to dental health as possible. This way, you can receive adequate care in that center, whatever the complexity of your case.
  • Accessibility to the clinic. This is especially important to be able to conduct as many queries as are required.
  • Appropriate technology. Having state-of-the-art technology saves much time and guarantees an excellent job.
  • Quality materials. The quality of the supplies used in your dental treatments is decisive for success.

As you can see, regardless of where you reside in North America, to establish the costs of root canals and crowns, Mexico is your opportunity. Its prices are the best in the region, and with exceptional quality to keep your smile in the future.


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