The cost of root canals and crowns in Mexico: Save without sacrificing quality!


The cost of root canals and crowns in Mexico is attractive because the charges can be excessive in the United States. For this reason, some dental clinics on the Mexican border offer these procedures at a more comfortable price. In addition, Mexican dentists are qualified professionals who work in facilities with state-of-the-art equipment.

Have you considered traveling to Mexico for dental care? In this article, we will give you the details about the cost of root canals and crowns in Mexico. Thus, you can make an informed decision and find quality service for your dental health care. This option is perfect if you live near the border.

What is the cost of root canals and crowns in Mexico?

The cost of root canals and crowns in Mexico varies according to the patient’s need and the dental clinic’s location. Dental clinics in capital cities have higher costs, while small urban centers have better prices.

On the other hand, the price changes according to the visits necessary to solve the patient’s problem; some procedures require a single visit. It all depends on the patient’s condition and the time the specialist requires to solve it. Also, the number of damaged teeth and the severity of the damage in each determine the number of sessions needed.

However, the cost of root canals and crowns in Mexico is much lower than in the United States.

When do I need these procedures?

Endodontics is a treatment in which a tooth is drained, and the space is filled with the appropriate material. The therapy is used to remove nerves and infections to prevent future complications. An untreated decay-infected tooth can spread to the jaw and cause much pain.

In this sense, a patient who shows pain in the teeth or an infection in a dental piece frequently needs a root canal. However, specialists need a diagnosis before performing the procedure. Depending on the size of the laceration or affected part, the tooth may need a crown after the root canal.

The crown is a synthetic piece that covers an injured tooth. These are necessary after a root canal where much material is removed from the tooth; therefore, the filling material is not even. The prostheses give uniformity to the tooth and restore its functionality. These pieces can be of different materials.

When are crowns or dentures used?

Sometimes the filling material is so much that the tooth loses stability and durability. For this reason, it is frequent that after a root canal, it is necessary to install a crown. Also, the filler material can darken. In these cases, the denture can give the tooth a better appearance, hide the material used and protect it from future infection and damage.

However, crowns and root canals can be used for other cases besides a cavity infection. For example, due to a strong impact, fractured teeth can be repaired thanks to these processes. Simply put, root canals, and crowns are procedures to address significant damage to the teeth.

Teeth damaged or infected by caries can be drained and saturated with endodontics or removed. Endodontics has good results in 95% of cases, which is why it is recommended. Additionally, excessively lacerated teeth may often require a crown.

Quality of dental care in Mexico

Dentistry has a long history in Mexico. The first dental offices were born in 1904, and since then, schools and teaching centers of the discipline have been founded. Dentistry has a long history and laws that normalize its practice in the country. So, you can trust the expertise of its professionals.

The dental practice has been regulated in Mexico since its inception, and its professionals adhere to current regulations. On the other hand, the proximity to the United States makes it easy to import specialized technology. Therefore, Mexican dental health professionals can exercise their art with quality and from technical and scientific principles.

Finally, Mexican culture is famous for its hospitality and good treatment of customers. This cultural advantage applies to health professionals. In Mexico, you can find a quality service at a low cost. Specialists are prepared people who care about the well-being of their patients.

Technology and materials

Dental clinics in Mexico are equipped with the latest technology. The equipment varies according to the investment of the specialist and the clinic. Even so, dentistry is a profitable business anywhere in the world. Many people need this service frequently, so having advanced and hygienic equipment is necessary.


This principle guides Mexican professionals to find the best equipment and materials. In Mexico, there are producers of clinical implements with several years of experience. In addition, thanks to the facilities of international trade, clinics can import materials and equipment when necessary.

In this sense, Mexican dental clinics can access the necessary elements to meet the needs of their patients. Furthermore, the lowest price for dental services does not limit the ability to acquire technology and materials. However, you can contact the clinics online and ask about their technical capabilities.

Visit the Rubio dental clinic for your dental treatment

The Rubio dental clinic is in Los Algodones. A town in the municipality of Mexicali in the State of Baja California. The city is on the border with the United States and very close to the States of Arizona and California. The dental clinic is among the best 5 Mexican dental clinics.

Its facilities have the equipment to perform any dental procedure and have qualified personnel. In addition, the clinic has 35 years of experience serving the dental health of its patients. Therefore, they will be able to assist you with knowledge, paying an affordable price and with the appropriate equipment. Ask them any questions about their fees and services.

Save without losing quality with the cost of root canals and crowns in Mexico

The cost of root canals and crowns in Mexico can represent a saving of 70% compared to costs in the United States. You can check this reality online and even quote the exact price of the treatment you need at Dental Rubio. These savings will be enough to pay for the trip to the country and the expenses of the stay.

Additionally, dental clinics in Mexico have experienced professionals and experts in their area. Furthermore, dental schools in the country have spent years training and caring for the quality of dental care. For this reason, the clinics will also include quality technology and materials since a quality dentist only works with good tools.

In this sense, the trip to care for your dental health can become an opportunity to take a vacation. Besides, getting to know a new city and people is an enriching experience, perfect for rejuvenating and caring for your health.


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