Smile Design in Mexico: What is it? What types are there?


Smile design in Mexico is one of the most demanded dental treatments among the population, both local and foreign.

Basically, the reasons that place the Aztec nation as one of the most advanced in this field have to do with its highly qualified specialists. Also, the use of equipment equipped with high technology and services of proven quality.

As for the price, they are much more affordable in this country, when compared to the USA and Canada. From there patients arrive in search of a solution to a dental problem or aesthetic restoration.

If you need treatments of this type, at Grupo Dental Rubio we help you plan an evaluation consultation. In it, you will not only know the expectations of the procedure and its scope, but you will also have personalized attention. Discover what are the types of smile design that we currently apply, their prices and above all why we are changing the lives of so many people.

Smile design in Mexico, what is it and to whom is it recommended?

Smile design in Mexico goes beyond professional care. A series of alternatives are offered to minimize or completely change the smile. It doesn’t matter if you’re plagued by a bad bite, broken teeth, cavities, swollen gums, and other oral problems.

In this way, it becomes one of the most powerful and innovative cosmetic treatments. Its fundamental objective is to improve facial expression through deep whitening, restoration or implants, among others.

What to do before performing the procedure?

Oral aesthetics is recommended for those who suffer from various oral problems. It is also highly demanded by people who want to make small changes to their face. In both cases, it is necessary to evaluate the patient in a diagnostic and complete manner. The treatment to be applied will depend on this, as well as the results.

In addition, the following factors must be taken into account which, in a greater or a lesser proportion, play an important role in oral aesthetics.

• Face, color and tissues

The physiognomy of the face: shape and size; skin tone, teeth, gums and lips, should never go unnoticed when designing a smile.

• Lips and cheekbones

Dental aesthetics must achieve a balance between lips and cheekbones. That is, it must look so good that the change draws the attention of others.

• Balance

The orthodontist verifies that the teeth are in symmetry and that the line between the upper and lower lips is consistent.

• Spacing

This is a factor that is taken into account when placing veneers so that they straighten irregular teeth (overlapping, spaced or broken).

Types of smile design in Mexico

A multidisciplinary team will determine what type of smile design the patient needs, to achieve harmony on the face. Among the types mostly applied in Mexico are:

• Non-invasive

This technique is used in those people who only need to make a few small corrections to their teeth. It is quick and painless and is usually complimented by whitening and dental micro abrasion.

• Orthodontics

It is a treatment where brackets are placed on the teeth to correct teeth and bones in bad position. Greatly improves shape and size.

Depending on the condition, the specialist will determine the time in which the patient must wear these devices. In general, it ranges between 7 and 12 months for simple cases and between 24 and 36 months for the most complex ones.

Once removed, we proceed to clean and remove stains from the area, complementing it with the invasive technique.


  • Veneers

It is a carving and whitening treatment that provides quick results for those who have some type of wear or stains on their teeth. Once both procedures are done, veneers (thin porcelain sheets) are placed and attached to the front tooth.

• Complex

This type of design combines a bit of the previous techniques, deep cleaning and oral surgery that allows the bone and teeth to be remodeled. It requires a team of specialists in various areas of dentistry.


Through a computer program, the patient’s teeth are designed, whose images are then transferred to the system. This procedure contemplates an anatomical evaluation that allows creating the implants that will be placed in the person.

• Other treatments

Depending on each case, smile design in Mexico contemplates some of these procedures:

Functional and aesthetic benefits

Oral aesthetics is highly recommended for those with bite problems and, consequently, chewing and digestion problems. Therefore, it results in better dental formation, correct hygiene and position of the teeth.

  • Cleaner and whiter teeth.
  • Greater security when speaking and eating.
  • Dental symmetry.
  • Facial rejuvenation.
  • Increases self-esteem.
  • Restores the muscles of the face.
  • They reduce the wrinkles that appear in the contour of the lips.

Recovery time

After smile design, recovery usually takes between 2 and 4 weeks. At the end of the time, it is important to visit the specialist again, who will determine the status of the treatment and the steps to follow.


Costs of smile design in Mexico

The cost varies from one patient to another and will depend largely on the particular conditions of each case. However, in general, these prices are set after a clinical and complementary examination, which is established taking into account the duration of the same. It is recommended to request a quote.

Grupo Dental Rubio: The best in smile design in Mexico

At Grupo Dental Rubio we tell you which is the best treatment to follow according to your diagnosis. In addition, we have a team of experts focused on offering a quality service so that you feel safe in our hands.

If you are interested in a smile design in Mexico and would like more information, contact us at +1 (928) 247 0800 to book a consultation. This is the best clinic in this specialty, located in Baja California.

Remember that the smile is more than a gesture, it is the letter of introduction to others, and requires professional attention.

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