How much is wisdom teeth removal in Mexico? Find out here!


If you want to know how much is wisdom teeth removal in Mexico, here you will find your answer. We will tell you some things you should keep in mind if you need to get rid of these teeth.

It is a reality that wisdom teeth can cause discomfort in some cases. Removing them or not will depend on many factors: the intraoral space, the teeth that grow deviated, etc. Removal is a simple method, in principle, but it is expensive in some places.

To clarify, how much is wisdom teeth removal in Mexico we will tell you what you need to consider for this extraction. Stay with us and discover the approximate amounts of this surgery in Mexico. In addition, we will also mention the ideal place to do this procedure in this nation.

How much is wisdom teeth removal in Mexico? Is it cheaper?

If you are American, you surely wonder how much is wisdom teeth removal in Mexico. It is a reality that in this country, it is usually much cheaper, and the quality of the procedure is maintained.

Costs in Mexico can be up to 7 times lower than in the United States. However, the quality is still the same, and the result will be just as efficient as in a good American clinic. This is why more and more American citizens are traveling to Mexico to care for their smiles.

The procedure cost is much cheaper in Mexico than in the US. Within the United States, they can cost more than $1,200, a high amount for some people. For this reason, many North Americans often travel to places like Los Algodones, Mexico, where dental tourism is essential.

Dental tourism in Los Algodones

Vicente Guerrero, Los Algodones is one of the key places for Americans to have their teeth attended to. It is usually the perfect tourist destination for the extraction of wisdom teeth.

The reason why many people travel from the United States is the prices and the quality. First of all, the quality doesn’t drop one bit despite the low costs out there. Dentists have verifiable experience and years of experience in this health sector.

On the other hand, the costs in Los Algodones or in clinics like Dental Rubio are really interesting. They can be up to 7 times less than what you will find in cities like Texas, Ohio, or the rest of the country.

How much does an extraction cost in Mexico?

Knowing the entire context and the reason why many users travel to Mexico, let’s talk about costs. It is a reality that each person has a different dental condition. This may mean having a simple tooth extraction or one that is more difficult.


In the case of simple extractions, the costs can reach around 600 Mexican pesos. On the other hand, if it gets a little more complicated, the costs can rise by about 200 pesos more. Prices that are totally different and much lower than those found in the United States.

You already know how much is wisdom teeth removal in Mexico!

So, you already have the answer you were looking for and where you can perform this procedure with excellent professionals. If you decide, you only have to travel to Los Algodones to find one of the best clinics in the area.

If you are looking for professional and quality care, the Rubio Dental Clinic is one of the best. Its prices are really low, and it provides specialized care in different dental procedures. Among them, is the extraction of wisdom teeth, contact us, and you will receive personalized attention.

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