An Algodones Dentist: A professional committed to your smile


Being an Algodones Dentist is synonymous with professionalism, charisma, and knowledge. At this health center, we are committed to guaranteeing the finest result in the smile of our patients. Our team has more than 35 years of experience protecting the oral health of thousands of people.

If you are looking for a clinic where you can save 50% more than in clinics in the United States, you have to visit us. In addition to this great benefit, we offer you comfort in our facilities and modern equipment for your medical care.

If you want to show off a beautiful smile, an Algodones Dentist can offer you the best treatments so that you have it.

What are the clinical services offered by an Algodones Dentist?

For those seeking to flaunt a stunning smile, an Algodones Dentist can provide top-notch treatments to achieve it. This clinic is the home of modern medicine so you will find innovative working methods and clinical equipment. Learn more about our services:

1.  Dentures

With a denture, your smile can show off a very natural smile. No one will notice that your teeth are superimposed. Many older people come to our clinical health center to request this type of denture. In addition to showing off a friendly smile and increasing their confidence and self-esteem, it also helps them chew food better.

2.  Veneers

Veneers have become fashionable after many artists have started using them. For many people who have always dreamed of showing off whiter teeth, veneers have been the solution. In addition to giving your teeth a lighter color, they also hide problems such as chipped or misshapen teeth.

3.  Implants

Losing a tooth, whether in an accident or naturally, no longer has to cause you distress. With a dental implant, you can give the solution to this problem. By placing a dental implant, even the root of the tooth is replaced, so it will feel very natural.

4.  Crowns

Crowns have the function of covering a tooth and protecting it from cavities. In addition to that, they serve to make a frail tooth look better. The best material for a crown is ceramic, and your dentist in Algodones knows it. That’s why when you come to our clinic, our dentist has the ability to craft and install a crown in a single appointment.

5.  Endodontics

Although it is true that aesthetics is very important, oral health is also. Endodontics is a procedure in which we will help you not to suffer from more toothaches and cavities. Root canals can be performed at our clinic in one or two visits.

If you want to show off an attractive smile, improve your self-esteem and be cared for by oral health professionals, visit us. At the Rubio Dental Clinic, in addition to offering you the best health services, we make care services available. We can meet you in our city and provide direct transportation to our clinic.

Can I have special discounts on my clinical services at the Rubio Dental Clinic?

Yes, you can apply online for discounts on our services mentioned above. You will be assisted in a chat in which you will be asked about your personal data and the treatment you want to perform. We would also like to know if you are a patient at our clinic or visiting us for the first time.


Book a free consultation with your Algodones Dentist

Booking a free consultation at the Rubio Dental Clinic is possible. You just have to enter our website and enter the free reservation section. We will request your name, email, contact telephone number, and a request message from you. Upon receiving your request, we will contact you.

For us, it is a pleasure to be able to welcome you to our clinic. We want you to feel comfortable and satisfied that you receive the best care. We have worked for more than 35 years and have received hundreds of Canadians and Americans annually. At Dental Rubio, we are committed to your smile

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