What is the cost of dental implants in 2023?


People have no idea about the cost of dental implants. Thus, they are surprised when they finally decide to get them. It is usually one of the most sought-after actions to replace a damaged tooth.

Every year in the United States, many people worry about improving their smile and oral health. Nevertheless, it implies a reasonably substantial economic investment due to the costs of these services. That is why many end up leaving it aside or going to the border with Mexico, where prices go down.

Don’t worry; we will tell you the cost of dental implants. We will review the things that influence these types of dealings and the prices for 2023. This way, you will know what you are facing and the differences in the prices we offer within Dental Rubio Group. Are you going to miss it?

What kind of factors affect the cost of dental implants?

It is not just about the process of extracting a damaged tooth since other aspects also influence it. This is why the cost of dental implants can vary within a significant range when requesting the quote.

The same specialists have said many times that a process of this type is complex. Furthermore, it is a reality that each patient’s history is different, so other agents may influence it. However, to clarify, we created a list of issues that usually mark the cost of dental implants. Among them are the following:

  • Everything involved in the complete dental examination, counting any required 3D images.
  • If the tooth is in the proper position, this extraction process is considered.
  • The setting up of the implant(s) that the patient needs.
  • Setting up the correct abutment hardware.
  • Both the manufacturing and placement of the dental crown in the correct space within the denture.

All of this ends up being essential, in addition to the type of clinic in which the procedure is performed. If we are talking about the cost of dental implants, we have to mention the price of 3D images, these can exceed $500 in some places. In contrast, the fee of an implant can be up to almost $5,000, and the entire denture is up to $90,000.

Prices for different procedures

Now that we know what influences the cost of dental implants, it is time to learn more about these dealings. So, to do this, we will talk about each of the different processes that a patient can undergo. It is to give you an approximate idea of the cost of this service in the United States.

Single tooth implants

When talking about an implant, it is not a single element. In this process, there are several that make it up. The implant, which is the metal or ceramic screw, is included, as well as the abutment and the crown. On the other hand, in this process, the sinus is elevated, and a bone graft for the jaw may be needed.

In the United States, the cost of dental implants can be between $3,100 and $5,800. Nevertheless, at Dental Rubio Group, we offer this same service for a much lower price. Our professionals are ready to work on each case that arrives and deliver the best quality.


Multiple tooth implants

It is a common occurrence among patients who come to dentistry for implants to get not only one but numerous. In this case, two can cost up to 10 thousand dollars. These support two to four teeth through a bridge, as necessary in each case.

Implant costs for a full-mouth

In this case, it is essential to note that there exist diverse ways to make full-mouth replacements. Of course, it is usually more expensive in cases where implants are made one by one. It is the most comfortable method and lets the specialist leave the pieces in good condition. For these cases, prices can range from 60 thousand to 90 thousand dollars.

Now, the least expensive option is the one where the complete denture is implanted. In this case, two wide arches are made where the false teeth are, making it easier to install. The prices of this process can range from 24 thousand and reach up to 50 thousand dollars.

Some costs that can modify the Price

It is a reality that there are few cases in which additional expenses to the budget may occur. However, some additional fees may be related to medications after the process. Pain relievers, antibiotics, and other medicines that may be necessary may be mentioned.

An advantage of this type of process is that it tends to be long and can take months to complete. It makes it a little easier for the patient to pay. In addition to this, within Dental Rubio Group, you can have essential advantages when requesting one of our services.

Payless the cost of dental implants with our help in Los Algodones

In Los Algodones, the fee is lower. The reason is obvious:  the services offered in this dental paradise are regularly more competitive and tighter. On the other hand, you achieve this by maintaining good quality and a great variety of service.

If you require a quality team at Dental Rubio Group, we are waiting for you. We give you diverse dental services beyond implants. You are cared for by highly skilled professionals who can assist you in having the smile you want.

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