Full mouth restoration in Mexico

The purpose of full mouth restoration in Mexico is to repair the functionality and complete anatomy of the mouth. The goal is to restore the aesthetic shape and repair dental structures such as crowns and veneers.

Similarly, it corrects the bite to maintain a healthy and functional mouth. Aesthetically synchronizing the teeth, lips, gums, as well as the muscles and joints. Maintaining a healthy mouth is part of good dental health.

Therefore, a full mouth restoration goes beyond a white smile and picture perfect teeth. The function of this treatment is to restore oral functionality that was affected by bacterial problems or accidents.

Treatments that include full mouth restoration in Mexico

Currently, biocompatible materials are used to perform full mouth restorations in Mexico. These provide the tooth with a more natural and realistic appearance. Among them, materials such as: composite resin, ceramic, glass ionomer and zirconium stand out.

Full mouth restorative treatments include the following:

  • Tooth extractions. Caused by extensive caries or a tooth damaged from the base.
  • Root canal. Root canal procedure to save the tooth that has suffered an infection and it spreads to a dental pulp inside the tooth.
  • Crowns on teeth. They are covers that are placed on natural teeth to improve aesthetics and provide better support to the natural tooth.
  • Fixed Bridges. They are used with the aim of replacing missing teeth, through crowns placed on teeth or dental implants.
  • Whitening. It can be used to professionally lighten stains on teeth, improving aesthetics in the mouth.

A person who turns to a specialist may need some of the aforementioned treatment or even the performance of almost all of the above.

How do I know if I can have a full mouth restoration in Mexico?

Full mouth restoration in Mexico can be done by anyone who wants to perfect their teeth. However, it was created for those with tooth loss.

It is generally performed on people with serious oral damage due to cavities or gum disease. Also in those who have suffered accidents that caused fracture or breakage of teeth.

To be eligible for full mouth repair you must have enough bone to install the implants, be a non-smoker, and not have diabetes. Your dentist will determine if it is necessary to undergo a complete restoration, prior to studies such as X-rays and cavity detection by dye.

Full mouth restoration or removable dentures?

Full mouth restoration in Mexico is a good option to create a more natural appearance and overall aesthetics in your teeth. This treatment acts as the root of the natural teeth, so a more real dentition feels when gesturing and chewing.

Its durability depends on oral care and cleaning, the recommendation is to maintain good oral hygiene. On the other hand, dentures are the most common treatment to replace missing teeth. However, these are often uncomfortable and restrict eating.

Benefits of a full mouth restoration

This procedure is performed by specialists, because they carry out a complete reconstruction of the mouth internally (structure and functionality) and externally (aesthetics).

  • Improves the aesthetic function of the mouth, teeth and bite.
  • Returns self-esteem.
  • Increase your quality of life.
  • Aligns the teeth.
  • Good gastric health.
  • Headaches, muscle pain and atrophy in the jaw joints will decrease.
  • You will increase the choice of foods you can eat and drink.

In addition, by restoring your mouth, the facial structure that had been lost with the damaged teeth and jaw is returned.


Risks of full mouth restoration

The risks of restoring the full mouth vary according to the organism and condition of each patient. The most common are infection of the implanted area, damage to the nerves or blood vessels, and problems with implants installed in the upper jaw.

Another factor is pain tolerance, since after the procedure the discomfort and pain can be severe, but it can be controlled by medication.

Remember that despite being a minor surgical procedure, there are always risks. For this reason, each dentist takes precautions to guarantee a good result.

Mouth restorations have a duration time, either due to wear or leaks they can present changes. Regular visits to the dentist are recommended.

How is the procedure for full mouth restoration?

Each case is unique and is handled on an individual basis and will depend on the considerations of the dentist. Usually, the procedure has 5 stages:

  • Sedation

It is the process of placing local anesthesia to prevent pain during the surgical process.


It is used in case of having one or several damaged teeth before placing the implants.

  • Placement of the implants

Small cuts are carefully made in your gum and the implants are placed securely in the jawbone. Generally, two implants are placed toward the front of the mouth and two toward the back. It will depend on the size and condition of the jaw.

  • Placement of the dental bridge

Naturally designed implants will be placed to replace the affected teeth. Previously, the dentist must clean and disinfect the treated areas and connect your artificial dental bridge.

  • Recovery

In the recovery room, the effect of the anesthesia is expected to wear off, resting and avoiding exertion. The dentist’s advice on food and pain management should be followed.


How long does recovery take after full mouth restoration?

Recovery after full mouth restoration usually takes 3-6 months to fully recover.

The specialist will recommend the hygiene and care that you should have in your mouth. Here are some tips that will help you in your recovery:

  1. Eat soft foods.
  2. Good hydration.
  3. Total rest.
  4. No smoking.
  5. Do not drink liquor or dark drinks.
  6. Caution with cold and frozen foods.

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