Tooth extraction in Mexico: Causes and Recovery


Have you ever had to undergo a tooth extraction in Mexico? It is one of the most demanded dental procedures due to how common they are for other surgeries. Whenever there is any damage, this is one of the first solutions that are usually thought of.

When is it necessary to go through a dental extraction? What precautions should we take into account? Before you must request this service, you should know more about it. That is why today we will tell you everything about dental surgery par excellence.

What is a dental extraction?

A dental extraction in Mexico is nothing more than completely removing a tooth from its place in the gum. A treatment that the vast majority of patients usually need due to damage to one of their teeth. It stands out because any specialized dentist can carry it out without major complications.

When should a dental extraction be carried out in Mexico?

Now, many people tend to consider other options before reaching dental extraction. It may be due to the fear that this type of procedure usually instills even when they are very simple. However, there are times when it is necessary to opt for this:

  • In those cases where a deep infection has occurred in the tooth that must be extracted. This can lead to abscess formation.
  • In affections of the gums, especially known as periodontitis. An infection that weakens the gums and ultimately affects the roots of the teeth.
  • A bad location of the teeth, which is usually very natural and causes serious problems such as pain and agglomerations.
  • Those teeth that have been affected by trauma also require a dental extraction in Mexico.
  • Impacted teeth, which are usually retained by the gum and bone in question. The most common cause is that of the third molars, called wisdom teeth, which cause a lot of pain.

In any of these cases, we are facing dental problems that are not resolved unless a surgical solution is chosen. Therefore, once you go to the dentist and he makes the decision, the tooth that is causing problems must be extracted.


Recovery after tooth extraction in Mexico

If we compare the recovery with tooth extraction in Mexico, we will notice that the former is much longer. It is evident that during the days after surgery, certain care must be taken. Among these we highlight:

  • Consumption of analgesics, highlighting Ibuprofen. As the hours go by, the local anesthesia will lose its effect and you will begin to feel pain from the extraction. Only in that case should you consume a medication to regulate said sensation.
  • You should take antibiotics, which will surely be prescribed by the dentist, being a necessary treatment after the extraction. They are a preventive method to prevent major infections from occurring while the area where the tooth was extracted recovers.
  • You must rest during the days after the tooth extraction in Mexico. Do not exercise or lift heavy objects, as this will make the process more difficult and may cause more pain.
  • Although you must stay in bed for a few days, you must keep your head elevated. For this, it is recommended to use a pillow that keeps your head in that position and prevents it from falling.

The first few days after tooth extraction in Mexico is crucial. If you comply with basic care, healing will be much faster and you will be able to return to your daily activities.


Concerning food

The topic of food is very important since you will have to avoid certain foods after dental extraction:

  • You should avoid the consumption of hot food or drinks, as these interrupt coagulation.
  • Alcoholic beverages must be prohibited, especially due to the consumption of antibiotics.
  • Try to make most of the foods you eat smooth in texture. For a few days, you’ll need to avoid hard or crunchy foods.
  • Regardless of the type of food you are eating, you should try to chew it on the side away from the tooth extraction site. Under no circumstances may crumbs fall into the wound while it is healing.

During the recovery process, cold and soft foods are usually preferred. That is why yogurt and ice cream take on a lot of prominence these days. When you have a dental extraction in Mexico, you will surely receive these types of instructions from the dentist.

Don’t forget to take care of your mouth

It is evident that after tooth extraction in Mexico you will have to take a lot of additional care. If you are a smoker, it is better to avoid the consumption of cigarettes during this process. You should also apply ice in case the extraction area is swollen.

During the first few days, brushing should be very gentle and avoid the extraction area. Use dental floss if necessary, so as not to mistreat the wound while it heals. This care should last at least 3 days, depending on your sensations of pain and bleeding.

If the wound is no longer bleeding and the pain has subsided, you can begin brushing the extraction site. In addition, you can also perform rinses to ensure the cleanliness of this area. In fact, at this point, you can do all your usual hygiene tasks.

Tooth extraction in Mexico is not a complicated process

As we have already seen, tooth extraction in Mexico is a process indicated for very specific causes. Also, recovery does not usually take more than a week in most cases. Of course, you must have a professional who knows how to give you all the necessary instructions and precautions.

If you still do not know where in Mexico you can carry out the extraction, Rubio Dental Group is the best alternative. The best dental specialty center where you can access the best surgical services for your oral health. Contact us and access the best prices on extractions.

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