Oral Surgery in Mexico: The Most Common Procedures


When a person decides to look for oral surgery in Mexico, the most important thing is to have variety. That is, depending on your case, you will need specialists in different procedures that are performed to improve oral health. However, in many cases, we do not find what we are looking for.

The dental branches have made it possible to attack different problems that develop in the mouth precisely through surgery. Of all these, which are the most common or most demanded procedures? Today you are about to meet them.

Oral surgery in Mexico is on the rise

We do not normally think of oral surgery in Mexico as the first option for any dental problem. Sometimes we think that a simple cleaning or minor procedures will help us control any problem. However, there are many diseases that require surgical procedures.


Because of this, you should know how oral surgery can help you solve different problems. Thus, you will be prepared for when the time comes to face a mental problem that is much more complicated than normal.

tooth extraction

The oral surgery treatment in Mexico par excellence is a dental extraction. It is a simple procedure but one that usually arouses fear in many patients. A tooth must simply be extracted, either by:

  • Dental infections
  • Agglomeration of dental pieces
  • Trauma that damaged a tooth
  • Appearance of wisdom teeth

Through this oral surgery in Mexico, different problems that threaten oral health can be eliminated. As long as they are in the hands of an experienced professional, it will be much easier and practically painless.

Dental implants

Perhaps one of the best-known and most sought-after oral surgery procedures in Mexico. It is used to remove deteriorated teeth and replace them with new, more resistant implants. It is also the solution for tooth loss for various reasons. It is usually used:

  • Metal pins located at the base of the tooth.
  • Totally artificial tooth implants.

In this way, one or several teeth can be placed on the mandible or maxilla. It is a more efficient solution than the use of dentures make speech difficult and are more tedious. In addition, it must be accompanied by the extraction of the dental pieces that have been damaged.


Root canal treatment

Another of the most requested services in the field of dentistry is root canal treatment. We could say that this is a cleaning method for which the tooth must be momentarily extracted. In this way, dead or infected tissue inside can be removed. It is a classic treatment for:

  • Injuries with subsequent infection
  • Advanced caries
  • Gum pathologies
  • Defective caries treatments or fillings

In either case, this oral surgery in Mexico will allow you to avoid complete tooth extraction. That is why many people seek to request this service as the first option to save their teeth. Thus, the subsequent placement of dental implants is avoided.

Dental crowns and bridges

When we talk about crown and bridge treatments, we are referring to reconstructive procedures. For various reasons, a tooth may be destroyed or completely missing, indicating that an implant should be placed. However, your dentist will recommend one of these solutions:

  • With crown treatment, a ceramic, porcelain, metal, or alloy dome is usually placed over the tooth. It works for natural teeth and implants that have been damaged. In addition, the fusion of different materials allows creating a more resistant crown.
  • Through bridge treatment, empty spaces between natural teeth are filled. In this way, movement of the same is avoided, which can cause alterations in the bite. Oral surgery in Mexico is of great clinical importance.

With proper hygiene, crown and bridge treatments can be very long-lasting, even lasting a lifetime. Therefore, it is a very useful surgery in the event of the destruction or loss of dental pieces.


dental veneers

The use of dental veneers is indicated to improve the appearance of natural teeth. They are porcelain sheets that adhere to the dental surface, conferring greater beauty to the teeth. Some problems to be corrected are:

  • Stains on the teeth
  • Partial tears
  • Unsightly position
  • Irregularities

These types of products usually last for years, especially porcelain veneers. In addition, they are fully repairable and are one of the most useful oral surgery procedures in Mexico. This is because they cover a large number of aesthetic problems in the teeth.


In many cases, patients tend to prefer the use of prostheses, which are usually much cheaper. Beyond the well-known pros and cons, this is the treatment par excellence for tooth loss. It allows avoiding aesthetic problems, especially of the masticatory muscles.

Oral surgery in Mexico requires a lot of care

We no longer only refer to choosing a responsible and highly experienced dentist. Oral surgery in Mexico or in any country in the world demands a great responsibility on the part of the patient:

  • Must attend to all precautions
  • You must also maintain precise oral hygiene
  • Visits to the dentist should be frequent

Any carelessness could damage the dentist’s work, which results in financial loss for you. That is why it is important to be careful and take all the measures that the professional gives you after oral surgery in Mexico.

Where to have an oral surgery procedure in Mexico?

Looking for oral surgery in Mexico indicates that you are looking for better prices and good care. That is why Dental Rubio is an ideal solution for you. Here you will find all the procedures that we have mentioned so far.

Oral health is extremely important for a better quality of life. Contact Dental Rubio and make an appointment for your next dental surgery treatment.

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