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Mexican dentists in Los Algodones have always stood out for offering impeccable service. Not surprisingly, this town of barely 7,000 inhabitants is better known as ‘Molar City.’

From the installation of the first clinics to the present day, the impact of these professionals has been unquestionable. Let’s delve a little into his career and the reason for his success in this part of the world.

The footprint of Mexican dentists in Los Algodones

Since the first Mexican dentists settled in Los Algodones, many things have changed for the better. From a small Algodones region full of brothels, it has become a mecca for dental health. They have given their best to improve the environment in a spectacular way.

Such is the case of Dr. Bernardo Magaña, who opened the first practice in Los Algodones around 1969. But his work was not only limited to the scope of his profession. He also began to get involved in social work in the town.

The first thing he saw was that there were more canteens and brothels than schools, so he decided this had to change. It was so that, thanks to his work he was appointed municipal delegate in 1980. His first step? Close all canteens.

In return, he opened a new school where he later taught. Thanks to this, more dentists soon arrived in the area and involved them in the economy of the city. Thus, the demand for this type of service grew.

A substantial savings

The performance of Mexican dentists in Los Algodones has been such that they have made Los Algodones an extremely attractive market. His works are very cheap, the prices do not compare to those of the United States. Let’s look at an example: placing a crown can cost around $1,000; in Los Algodones, $350.

This has made Los Algodones a paradise for those seeking quality dental work at very affordable prices. Dr. Magaña has patients who have come to his clinic for the last 35 years. Even patients have come from Canada in that same search.

The fame of this town is such that daily more than 6,000 people cross the border. The best season is from November to March when temperatures drop in the northern hemisphere. For that reason, these patients are called the ‘winter birds.’

A patient who came from California to get some implants commented that this job there cost him almost $57,000. What a Tesla is worth, he said, “They wanted to put a Tesla in my mouth.”


Economy and security with Mexican dentists in Los Algodones

Besides prices, safety is among the things that most attract dental tourists to Los Algodones. There is no danger of being robbed, it is a tourist town, and security is controlled. Even so, it is better to leave the car on the other side of the border and arrive on foot.

As soon as you enter the town, many managers with flyers in their hands offer you the services of more than 600 clinics. Yes, more than half a thousand clinics are concentrated in its five streets, the majority in the busy and central Álamo Avenue.

The boom has been such that Dr. Carlos Rubio, founder of Rubio Dental Group, can attest. He is one of the pioneers among Mexican dentists in Los Algodones. He was established in 1985, and it was not until four months later that he could see his first patient. Today he receives more than 30 per day.

Proven experience

If you are looking for a first-class job in dental health, do not hesitate to come to Los Algodones. At Rubio Dental Group, we have more than 35 years of experience, and our prices are 70% cheaper than in the United States. That is why we are among the top 5 dental clinics in the city. We will change your smile.

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