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If you were looking for Los Algodones dentists, we must tell you that you have come to the ideal place. Dental services are often very delicate, as much as any other branch of the health sciences. That is why it is important to have a quality clinic.

There are different options that we can choose when it comes to Los Algodones dentists. This city connects directly with the United States and is usually ideal due to the low prices in comparison. That’s why even many Americans prefer to cross the border to access these services.

Ready to meet Rubio Dental Group? This dental clinic will allow you to access the best prices in oral health services. In addition, it will do it with the excellence that characterizes an institution that has been serving Mexican and American patients for many years.

Los Algodones dentists: The best place to find them

If we talk about Los Algodones dentists it is impossible not to talk about Rubio Dental Group. For 35 years this center of dental specialties has earned enormous recognition for the work of its professionals attracting the attention of Mexican patients.

With 11 specialists in dentistry, Rubio Dental Group manages to cover all areas very well. From root canals and implants to extractions, we offer you everything you need to enjoy the best dental health.

Rubio Dental Group is proud to belong to the top 5 dental clinics in Algodones. We are talking about a ranking in which around 400 clinics participate, so it is evident that the competition is intense in this region.

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The best services provided by Los Algodones dentists

Of course, when looking for Los Algodones dentists it is necessary to have all the dental services for comprehensive care. These should be especially focused on the most common requests from patients in this branch of health.

Dental crowns

Since dental aesthetics is usually one of the main concerns of patients, dental crowns gain importance. It is therefore a treatment that allows achieving the restoration of the teeth regardless of the damage they have suffered due to caries:

  • It is one of the most economical treatments that will allow you to create a better appearance in your teeth.
  • Different materials such as ceramics and resins can be used, which vary in price and durability.
  • On average a crown treatment made by Los Algodones dentists could last between 5 and 15 years. Therefore, it will take a long time for the material to wear out.

In Rubio Dental Group we have dentists specialists in the placement of dental crowns at the best price. That is why it is one of the most in-demand services, especially for American patients. The price difference is the key to why it is one of the most popular services.

Dental veneers

They could not miss the classic treatments of dental veneers, so important to correct defects in the teeth. For example, when irregularities occur or when tooth enamel is very worn. A thin lamella is used to cover the tooth, giving it a new appearance:

  • Glass-ceramics again appears as a material option, although acrylic resin is not far behind.
  • It is important to make 2 or 3 visits to the dentist to take the measures that will allow designing veneers adjusted to the denture.
  • It is also a long-term treatment, although this will depend on details such as maintenance by the patient.

Through dental veneers in a dental clinic in Los Algodones, you can simply correct any imperfection. However, it is important to have performed the previous cleaning and correction procedures so that no long-term problems occur.

Dental implants

Another of the most frequent reasons why patients consult the dentist is the loss of teeth. It is difficult to smile if you have lost a tooth due to an accident or dental condition. However, it’s good to know that implant surgery can correct this.


Dental implants have the appearance of a screw and allow for to replacement of the entire root. Therefore, it will be much easier to introduce artificial teeth that will also perfectly fulfill the function of their predecessors:

  • Deteriorated teeth are usually removed so that the implant can be placed in its entirety.
  • In some areas of the jaw bone grafts can be placed, which allow for reinforcing the bone. This way the implant will be fixed with greater resistance.
  • The dental implant is divided into several processes, starting with the implant itself and continuing with the replacement tooth. That is why it is necessary to attend the dentist several times.

Attending Los Algodones dentists for implant surgery will also not be a problem. You will always have professionals who will take control of the entire implementation process and thus avoid complications and risks.

Tooth extraction

Infections and dental crowds cannot always be controlled. There comes a point where the teeth must be removed and that is why tooth extraction is resorted to. Treatment of the simplest since is simply this, take the tooth from the root.

Nevertheless, it should be taken seriously as it must go through a recovery process after extraction. Rest is usually recommended for a few days, as well as other tips among which are:

  • Analgesia, especially with medications such as Ibuprofen. This is to reduce the swelling produced, especially with the molars.
  • Avoid exercises, especially those where weights must be lifted. In general, no type of object that poses a great demand should be raised.
  • Needless to say, excessively hot meals, as well as alcoholic beverages, are prohibited. Creams and soups are preferred to prevent food from being left in the hole of the extracted tooth.

There are many reasons why this procedure should be performed beyond infections and crowds. Some diseases cause the weakening of the gums, which also implies the need to remove teeth. Here your trusted dentist will have the final say.


One way to treat infected or painful teeth is through endodontics. A procedure in which the patient is removed from the pulp or filler, which is replaced by a thermoplastic material, sealing the inside. Powerful cavities are usually one of the main reasons why a root canal is done:

  • A single root canal can be performed in case the tooth has a root.
  • The birradicular treatment is performed on teeth with two roots and two ducts, which raises the cost of it.
  • Already in extreme cases it will be necessary to perform the multiradicular treatment, with several ducts in the tooth.


In any case, it will be necessary for Los Algodones dentists you choose to detail the subsequent care. In Rubio Dental Group you can find the best prices on this treatment.


Of course, dentures are also important in any dental clinic. There are many reasons why the loss of two or more teeth can occur, highlighting accidents and trauma. Based on this, your dentist should choose a type of denture:

  • The crowns and bridges fall into the classification of dentures. However, they are usually a treatment focused on fixing directly on existing teeth. That is why it is also considered a purely aesthetic treatment.
  • There are removable dentures that are perhaps the best known of this classification. They are widely used when patients lack molar teeth.
  • Lastly, full dentures are used when implants and crowns cannot be placed. This may be due to immunological conditions or simply the fear caused by implants.

Full mouth restoration is other good option to create a natural appearance and overall aesthetics in your teeth. This treatment acts as the root of the natural teeth, this way, a more real dentition feels when gesturing and chewing. By the other hand, dentures are the most common treatment to replace missing teeth.

Because of dentures, it is very easy to fill those spaces in the gums that detract from the attractiveness of smiles. That is why with Los Algodones dentists you will find significant promotions in the placement of artificial teeth.

Why request the services of Los Algodones dentists?

Certainly, it is curious that the figure of Los Algodones dentists is so important. According to analysts, it is the town with the most dentists per square meter. In just 4 of the most important streets of the region, more than 300 dental clinics have been established:

  • Almost all of the clients in these dental clinics come from the United States and even Canada. This amount is estimated at around 98% of patients.
  • The costs of dental treatments are estimated at approximately 70% below their value in the United States. This represents a huge saving for which many people are willing to travel to Algodones.

Just fixing a cavity in the United States could cost you about $ 225, a price not at all comparable to the same service in Algodones. We are talking about $45 per cavity, which is worth it for patients who prefer to pay for a trip to the Mexican town.

Why is Rubio Dental Group the best dental clinic in Los Algodones?

But, why you should choose a clinic like Rubio Dental Group? Even more so with the large number of similar centers that you will find in the town of Algodones. However, many factors differentiate this institution with more than 30 years of experience from the competition:

  • We have the best customer service team to help you access our services. You can contact us through mail or phone and we will assist you with the kindness and professionalism that characterizes us.
  • We take care of your transfers from the border with the United States. If you are traveling by road and want to get quickly to our headquarters, we provide you with the best transportation care.
  • We have all the latest technology equipment in our dental clinic in Los Algodones. This is how we have a wide range of services to improve your oral health and aesthetics.
  • Plan a free consultation with our professionals through our website. You can get the opinion and diagnosis of our specialists for free.

Smile design is one of the most requested treatments in dental clinics en Mexico that goes beyond professional care. A series of alternatives are offered in order to change the smile. It doesn’t matter if you’re plagued by a bad bite, broken teeth, cavities, or other oral problems.

This is why it becomes one of the most powerful and innovative cosmetic treatments offered by dentists. Its objective is to improve facial expression through deep whitening, restoration or even implants, among others.

And this is just a little bit of what Los Algodones dentists in Rubio Dental Group can do for you. Without a doubt we are facing one of the most renowned organizations of dentists and proof of this is the high ranking achieved in Algodones.

The highly qualified staff of Los Algodones dentists

Rubio Dental Group is headed by Dr. Carlos Rubio, a dentist at the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez. He has an extensive curriculum that includes specializations in laser dentistry, dental implants, and periodontics. Also, with an extensive experience in institutions and organizations of Mexican and American dentists.


Dr. Carlos Rubio’s team is made up of equally qualified specialists from the main universities in the country. Such is the case of Dr. Ernesto Montoya and Dr. Cesar Monarrez. Both are specialists in dental surgery and with extensive experience in congresses and organizations of dentists and specialists.

Dr. Rubio in Los Algodones has 6 major specialties in his clinic to solve any dental problem. From aesthetic treatments to complex surgical procedures, you will find the best solution you need.

You already know where to request your dental treatments in Algodones

Do you still have doubts about which Los Algodones dentists you should choose? The answer is in Rubio Dental Group with the best treatments, the latest technologies, and highly qualified specialists. You can rest assured that you will always be in great hands.

Want to know more? It is as simple as entering our website to make your inquiries and request more information. In our link, you can learn all about the service offered by one of the most renowned dental clinics in Algodones. Come in now!

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