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If you would like to know what are the treatments offered by Dr. Rubio in Los Algodones, here we tell you. Dr. Carlos Rubio is a renowned dentist, specialist in oral reconstruction and rehabilitation. He has a large team of specialists with the best academic training and more than 35 years of experience.

The dental clinic of Dr. Rubio in Los Algodones, B.C., offers innovative services for American patients. Not only does it offer much more affordable costs, but it has provided a private shuttle service from the border to the clinic facilities.

If you want to put yourself in the best hands, with the most innovative resources and the friendliest team, we invite you to discover the treatments that this specialist has to offer you.

What treatments does Dr. Rubio offer in Los Algodones?

Dr. Rubio in Los Algodones has 6 major specialties to solve any dental problem. From aesthetic treatments to complex surgical procedures, you will surely find the solution you need.

Below we tell you in detail what they are and in which case they are most recommended.

CX dental implants

Dental implants are probably the best way to definitively solve the lack of a tooth. They are delicate procedures that require great precision and attention to detail. However, and despite the care they require, they are the most effective alternative that exists.

Dental implants are outpatient surgical procedures for which Dr. Rubio in Los Algodones is highly qualified. Generally, local sedation is performed, which allows the person to remain conscious.

A prostatic root is implanted in the jawbone, usually a screw made of a biosafe material such as titanium, to replace the lost root of the tooth. Subsequently, a crown or prostatic tooth is connected over the root, adjusted, and the result is a completely aesthetic and functional new tooth.


Crown and bridges

Crowns and bridges are fixed dental prosthetics designed to complete or replace missing teeth. Unlike implants, they only cover the external area of the tooth without taking into account the root. Crowns are single teeth, which fit over implants.

Bridges are sections of 3 or more crowns put together that are used to bridge a gap between two teeth. At Dr. Rubio’s clinic in Los Algodones, we specialize in the CEREC dental computer system for its development.

Through the computerized design of the prosthesis and its elaboration system in one hour, it is not necessary to make more than a single visit.

Root Canals or Endodontics

We offer the Root Canal procedure, also known as endodontics, for perforated or cracked teeth. The Conduit is recommended for those cases in which the dental enamel layer has been perforated and the internal soft tissue has been compromised.

The procedure involves local sedation to gain access to the inside of the tooth, remove damaged tissue, disinfect the area, and apply a suitable filling. Dr. Rubio’s team at Los Algodones is trained to perform and complete root canal procedures in a single visit or a maximum of 2.


Veneers treatment consists of individual pieces to hide or repair severe defects of the teeth. Among these, we find severe stains, shape problems, or chipped teeth. There are 2 different types of veneers, complete and partial.

Full veneers

Full veneers are complete unitary dental pieces made of materials such as porcelain, ceramic or another accord. The piece is fixed with dental cement to the outside of the tooth and is permanently bonded. In this way, the appearance, shape and function of the tooth are improved.

Partial veneers

Partial veneers are resins designed to repair broken or misshapen teeth. They are bonded to the damaged tooth, shaped to the desired shape and allowed to dry or harden. Dr. Rubio in Los Algodones can perform both types of treatments according to your needs.


Dental boxes

The least invasive option both to replace missing teeth and to correct defects are dental boxes. These consist of partial or complete dental arch prostheses that are placed on the gums. This simple treatment does not touch the root of the teeth or modify the teeth.

Most dental boxes are completely removable. However, different types of prostheses can be attached to both existing teeth and previous implants. Likewise, there are different types of materials that can range from the most functional to the most aesthetic.

At Dr. Rubio’s dental clinic in Los Algodones, we offer you a wide range of options. These are typically the least expensive options for fixing various types of dental problems.

Dental extractions

There are times when it is necessary or unavoidable to completely remove a tooth. One of these cases is the wisdom teeth, which sometimes do not have room to come out and damage the entire dental structure. Another case is severely damaged or infected teeth that have no chance of being repaired.

Whatever the reason, dental extractions are the most common dental surgical procedures. They consist of outpatient procedures that require local sedation and generally do not take more than a couple of hours. Dr. Rubio’s team at Los Algodones offers you extractions with minimal or no discomfort if possible.

Innovative, safe and at the right price

If you are looking for security and confidence in fair treatment at an affordable price, we recommend that you explore all the options that Dr. Rubio has for you. His clinic in Los Algodones has a professional and friendly team, with extensive experience in different types of treatments.

His facilities are equipped with innovative state-of-the-art equipment, making available to his patients the latest advances in the area. You will also find advantages in preferring their services if you are American and live across the border. Dr. Rubio in Los Algodones will know how to take care of you.

If you are interested in learning about our services or requesting a completely free valuation consultation, do not hesitate to contact us.

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