Choosing the best dentures in Mexico


Choosing dentures in Mexico is an excellent option. In general, we need dentures when one or more teeth are missing. Teeth can be lost through accidents, deep cavities, inflammation, or periodontal disease.

Recovering one or more missing teeth is extremely important not only for cosmetic reasons. In fact, the loss of a single tooth has serious functional consequences.

Do you want to know what the best dentures in Mexico are? Just keep reading, we’ll show you everything you need to know for you to choose the best one.

Dentures in Mexico

Many people prefer dentures in Mexico. This is due to their excellent quality and good price. In addition, the final work by dental health professionals is irreproachable.

Tooth loss is also linked to general health problems. If food is not chewed properly, it can cause gastrointestinal disorders and malnutrition.

For that reason, it is always recommended to replace the missing tooth or teeth as soon as possible. Missing teeth can be replaced with a fixed prosthesis, that is, with crowns or bridges.


In case a person suffers from a partial loss of teeth, a partially removable prosthesis can be performed. Whereas in the case of a total loss of teeth, a complete prosthesis can be performed.

Most utilized types of dentures

There are different types of dentures in Mexico. However, the best ones are the ones we list below:

1.     Dentures that stay fixed: bridges and crowns

Implant crowns and dental bridges can be made on your own teeth. The point is to have a sufficient number of teeth or implants available to anchor the crowns or bridges.

Depending on the material, the crowns may consist of a metal alloy, which is often covered with ceramic.  They can even be made of a metal-free material, such as zirconium or pressed ceramic.

Temporary crowns and bridges are always ready for the moment of healing. They are usually done after a tooth extraction, when the gums and bones are still healing.

These may also be necessary in cases where you want to drastically change the position of your bite. They are even perfect for getting used to clenching your jaw with softer temporary plastic crowns. It is good to know that a temporary crown can be placed over an implant to shape it.

Also, permanent crowns and bridges can be made to compensate for missing teeth. Even if a tooth is broken or has many cavities it is possible to change its color, shape and position.

When and to whom is it recommended?

Bridges are fixed prostheses that are anchored on our own teeth or implants. Therefore, a basic requirement for their implementation is the existence of a surface on which they can be anchored. In the event of a complete edentulousness (if the implants are not in place), implicitly a bridge or crown replacement cannot be done.

A crown can also be made for any existing tooth whether you wish to change the position of the bite or undergo cosmetic dental work. The ultimate goal in the patient is to accomplish a “Hollywood” style smile.

In this regard, a bridge replacement can be done to substitute one or more missing teeth. They can also be attached to your own teeth and implants.

Moreover, if the patient is completely edentulous, a bridge can be created if a sufficient number of implants are inserted.

2.     Removable dentures

There are different types of removable dentures in Mexico. According to its clamping mechanism, it is possible to distinguish the following:

  • Attached removable accessory with wire clip.
  • Removable prosthesis with molded clip.
  • Prosthesis that can be moved put in place with precision anchorage.

On the other hand, removable dentures can also be made for a missing tooth. This is the most inexpensive and fastest method. However, it is also the least convenient and least recommended for replacing a missing tooth.

If several teeth are missing, a removable denture can be made. If the posterior teeth are missing, a bridge is made for the front teeth that holds the removable denture in place with the aid of a fastener.

A removable denture can also be produced in the case of a complete edentulous, if the removable denture is stabilized by implantation. In these cases, the implants offer enough stability to the prosthesis so that the person might use it without discomfort.

When and to whom is it recommended?

Removable dentures in Mexico can be made if teeth are missing. It is especially recommended for patients who only have front teeth and for some reason can’t have an implant placed in the posterior area.

In these cases, the front teeth are connected by a bridge that joins the removable prosthesis using fasteners in the posterior part. Due to the fixation elements, the stability of the removable prosthesis is sufficient.

The situation is similar to that of a patient who is edentulous and only has a sufficient number of bone implants available in the front of the maxilla.

After 2 or 4 implants are placed, the removable prostheses are held in place by the fasteners put over the implants.

3.     Complete dentures in Mexico as a dental prosthesis

A full denture, as it is called in its name, offers a total solution for the denture. This means that if all the tooth structure is missing in the upper or lower jaw, it can be replaced with prosthesis.


 When and to whom is it recommended?

If you don’t have any teeth, these prosthetics can offer you a solution. They are especially recommended for people who can’t have an implant put in place.

There are situations in which these implants can’t be placed:

  • In cases where the general state of health of the patient does not allow it. For example, severe immunodeficiency.
  • When the patient is taking medications that do not allow implantation. For example, derivatives of bisphosphonates.
  • When there is not much availability of bone, including bone replacement.
  • When the patient refuses implantation (fear of intervention).

The whole prosthesis rests on the gums and it’s held in place by vacuum. Due to this, it is less stable than a fixed or partially removable prosthesis and takes up more space (because the greater the extension, the greater the vacuum). Stability can be optimized with several special adhesives for false dental structures.

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