Los Algodones Dentists


If you were looking for Los Algodones dentists, we must tell you that you have come to the ideal place. Dental services are often very delicate, as much as any other branch of the health sciences. That is why it is important to have a quality clinic. There are different options that we can choose […]

Full mouth restoration in Mexico

full mouth restoration in Mexico

The purpose of full mouth restoration in Mexico is to repair the functionality and complete anatomy of the mouth. The goal is to restore the aesthetic shape and repair dental structures such as crowns and veneers. Similarly, it corrects the bite to maintain a healthy and functional mouth. Aesthetically synchronizing the teeth, lips, gums, as […]

Dental treatments with Dr. Rubio in Los Algodones


If you would like to know what are the treatments offered by Dr. Rubio in Los Algodones, here we tell you. Dr. Carlos Rubio is a renowned dentist, specialist in oral reconstruction and rehabilitation. He has a large team of specialists with the best academic training and more than 35 years of experience. The dental […]

Smile Design in Mexico: What is it? What types are there?


Smile design in Mexico is one of the most demanded dental treatments among the population, both local and foreign. Basically, the reasons that place the Aztec nation as one of the most advanced in this field have to do with its highly qualified specialists. Also, the use of equipment equipped with high technology and services […]

What is a dental bone graft in Mexico for?


When talking about a dental bone graft in Mexico, a question always arises, will it be possible to make a dental prosthesis with little bone? To tell the truth, yes. There is a method to place an implant in case the patient needs it. It is precisely this topic that we will discuss in this […]

Tooth extraction in Mexico: Causes and Recovery


Have you ever had to undergo a tooth extraction in Mexico? It is one of the most demanded dental procedures due to how common they are for other surgeries. Whenever there is any damage, this is one of the first solutions that are usually thought of. When is it necessary to go through a dental […]

Dental laser in Mexico: painless and without anesthesia


The dental laser in Mexico is a procedure that has become popular in recent years due to its great advantages. However, the first attempts to apply lasers in the dental area date back to the 1960s. Today it is an excellent and innovative work tool for dentists. The main advantage is that it allows the […]

Cost of a root canal in Mexico: All you need to know


The cost of a root canal in Mexico depends on the type of treatment required by the patient and of course, the professional in charge of performing it. Mexico currently has excellent professionals in dental care. The extensive development in this clinical field is evidenced by the large number of local and foreign patients who […]

Why choose dental implants in Los Algodones?


Do you know the reasons why choosing dental implants in Los Algodones is an ideal option? Today dental science has a good range of specialized procedures to provide all patients with their dream smile. Among the range of possibilities we can find some procedures related to the care of the appearance of the teeth. This […]

All on 4 Dental Implants in Mexico

rubio mayo 22 min

All on 4 dental implants is a technique in high demand by people both inside of the country and abroad. The denture is very important both aesthetically and in terms of usefulness, therefore, we must supply  the highest quality implant in the dental area. People who need to replace several teeth or the entire denture […]