Did you know that 80 million Americans are missing their top teeth, bottom teeth or both? That’s right: 26 percent of our country’s population is missing at least one full row of teeth. Fortunately, modern medicine has given rise to dentures: An inexpensive, effective prosthetic that replicates the look and feel of a patient’s natural teeth.

In the past dentures were often uncomfortable and inconvenient to wear. Amongst other things, they could lose shape over time, cause discomfort and require extended periods of being soaked in water.Today, things are different, and in our clinic, we offer several options, including some that are highly similar in feel and function to one’s own teeth.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is a solution for patients who are missing some of their teeth. It consists of a prosthetic that attaches to the teeth and soft tissue of the mouth. This prosthetic houses as many artificial teeth as are necessary to return the appearance and feel of dental health, and is all but invisible to the naked eye.

Full Dentures

As the name suggests, a full denture is one that replaces all of a patient’s teeth. This is the best solution for someone who has no natural teeth of their own or whose teeth are so few or so damaged that they can’t really be saved.

Fixed Dentures

Permanent or fixed dentures, which are attached to four or more implants permanently, replicate the natural feel of one’s teeth and gums, which means that they can give someone their smile back without expensive, time-consuming surgery. In our clinic, doctors and technicians use advanced materials, like high-grade medical porcelain, to make dentures. This means you can rely on them to last for many years.

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